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I pay child support for 2 children with different mothers.

Resolved Question:

I pay child support for 2 children with different mothers. The Attorney general in texas feels i should pay around 800 which they say is 35% of my income. That number seems a little high b/c crunching numbers seems to put it right under 700 but oh well, I cant argue, they wont allow it. So my question is, is there any help or hope for parents in my situation for housing and what not? i recently moved in with my mother b/c the 400/month i was paying for one child had me behind. The second childs mother has recieved small ammounts of money from me as needed, but nothing official so im paying 2200 retro now also. I dont want to live with my mom the rest of my life but now i REALLY cant afford even an efficiency apt. I called low income places and they go by your gross income. Is there any help%
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  LegalEase replied 8 years ago.
I do not know of any public organization in Texas that will be able to help you if your gross income is above the level. Most income assisted living spaces are going to go on your gross income. Organizations like that do not take into account your child support payments. You say you have called around to a few low income places, but I want to make sure you've checked out

I do commend you for doing what you need to do to fulfill your child support obligations. If you have a church home, you might check into their benevolence funds or see if you can get some help from a private organization. If you need a cheap food source might be able to help you.

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