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Good afternoon. My boyfriend pays childsupport and back childsupport

Resolved Question:

Good afternoon. My boyfriend pays childsupport and back childsupport every month in the amount of $1200.00+. His back child support was from the period he was incarcerated. He just found out he has a lien on his credit union account because of back child support although he pays every month. Can he fight this to have this lien released because he never defaulted on his current payments ;if so how? Or will they just take his money like that although he pays every month? Please help because some of that was my money as well.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Jack R. replied 7 years ago.

Until the arrears are paid off the iien can rmain on the account. The lien is not for current unpaid support, but represent a judgment for prior unpaid support.


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