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Was married 32 years. Agreed to leave wife property, truck,

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Was married 32 years. Agreed to leave wife property, truck, boat and all furnishings.
All are paid for. What range of alimony can I expect the judge to award in Georgia court.
Thank you,
Mike M.
It depends on alot of things - length of marriage, education, children, past work history, current earnings - just to start. Too, it's a matter of what property there is and how that's divided.

Can you give me any insite on these? Is there a spousal support order in effect yet?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
32 years, me Assoc degree, her none, children grown and married, me worked since 1976, her never refused when asked, I bring home @ 3000 monthly, her 0 but is working with parents amount ?? I am leaving her all property, truck, boat, furnishings etc that are all paid for
Wow - this doesn't look good for you.

I think you could expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 per month - maybe more. This is alimony that I'm talking about. As a rule of thumb - alimony (combined with spousal support) shouldn't be long than half the marriage.

She could file for spousal support and that would be anywhere from $500 to $1200 per month.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

There are no kids involved. What is difference between alimony and spousal support

Why would I have to pay both ?


No, you wouldn't pay both at the same time.

Spousal support is just an immediate monetary support order until the divorce is finalized and property division determined - then it stops. Spousal support is only based upon the net incomes of the spouses and the state guidelines as to the amount. Although she doesn't work - they would assign her an earning capacity of at least minimum wage which amounts to $700 net per month. That amount would be used for her and then your net income used to determine what amount of spousal support you owe until the property division and divorce are determined. Spousal support is just temporary.

Alimony picks up when spousal support ends (if there is to be alimony). The amount is determined by a multitude of factors in addition to those I already gave you - it's not as high usually as spousal support.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for all the info

Its helps me understand the matter more

You're welcome. Good luck!!