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Hello, Im having problems with Landscape Contractor I hired

Resolved Question:

Hello, I'm having problems with Landscape Contractor I hired and want to final settle to end it all. He asked for more money and I requested proof and reasons for the charges, which were not disclosed to me.
The whole job was a nightmare, proposal items incomplete, poor work, added excess charges he requested (which i paid?? thinking it was ok and then felt ripped off), the job ended half way thru because of total confusion over proposal item which he told me he could no do because of low bid and poor designer planning and misunderstanding.

Q: Should I try to settle and pay him off and then go back and sue the designer for incomplete and bait and switch work, who I signed with to avoid a lean on my house which am afraid of?
I'm too nice of a guy and i feel taken advantage of. What to do? fight or just settle and move on in life? Oringinal job aprox $20,000. Plus more issues I did not say.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Jack R. replied 7 years ago.

By all rights you can hold the contractor to his bid. The contractor is assumed to be the professional and he needs to comply with his committed bid price.


It will be difficult for you to sue the designer if he completed his assigned task. You can get the job completed and sue the landscapper for the cost above his bid to complete the job. You only need to pay for the actual value of the work completed to the landscaper.


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