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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Family Law
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I have a daughter whom I have estranged due to a mentally abusive

Customer Question

I have a daughter whom I have estranged due to a mentally abusive 'boyfriend' since she was 15, has manipulated her to meet his own sociopathic lusts, as a result has caused a # XXXXX situations, mentally and financially: 'Tony' convinced her she was suicidal, to tell (our family counselor since 1992 due to father/husband being recovering alcoholic/drug user while travelling around the world on tours with famous musicians 320 days a year for 15 yrs of our childrens lives, now healed )that she was cutting, that we were abusive. After 3 visits to ShepPr - it was determined to be false, but simply part of an ongoing manipulation group of males 19 - 25 setting up online recruitment of 16 yr old girls to use for sex, drugs, money, etc. I had several Law Agencies involved, thought 'Tony' was out of her life. She met 'Josh ' got engaged, got pregnant, had baby, PPD, left baby, because 'Tony' came back. I have funded 3K to provide stability for Gson. Now I can't, 'Josh' has become abusive, HELP
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Ely replied 8 years ago.

What exactly do you want to do?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I would like the courts to be aware that I have provided well for my children, my daughter 'Maelena' and I had a great relationship with her, was a great student and Sister until -'Tony/'
'Josh' disagrees and he and is family call her a whore for leaving Baby, but I witnessed that 'Josh' has a violent temper when he does not get his way, which he agrees, but is very intimidating because he is a big guy. I think it is why 'Maelena' left her baby with him wen he got angry because she had again befriended & was working a second job where 'Tony' worked. She gave up several full scholarships to colleges, her grades in high school dropped because she was not eating her lunch, 'Tony' called her during her sleeping hours. She was giving her lunch money to 'Tony' for he & the 'Male Internet Family,''Tony' used my cell phone # XXXXX get credit at a RentaCenter resulting in repeated calls for money owed for stuff he rented. I called Verizon and filed complaint with FCC. I want 'Tony' out of our lives and 'Josh' needs counsel with my Daughter and Family. Plus I need to get some $ paid back to me since now my husband , son & I are struggling to keep our home while Josh and Maelena do not make my Grandson a priority. They spend money on gaming cards, etc., because they are angry at each other, but say they have no money for phone I contracted for them or sometimes food and diapers for baby. I have furnished them with cribs, strollers, clothes, toys, transportation, carseats, etc. 'Josh' threatened to break my f... door down unless I called my daughter while she had her arranged time to bring baby back because I suspended their cell phones without billing until they paid the money they owed me. I love my children and it is emotionally draining to be in he middle of this,Maelena is 20 yrs old, Josh - 23, the baby 14 months. I want a good life for my Grandson,'Junon' is happy with me and he enjoys the time I had him in my care. I want to be able to see my grandson. I have an insurance policy that I pay for him so that he will have some money to use for College or future.
How do I present all of this to the Court to find some resolution?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry - I replied via same page - did not yet ceck my email - I may have not replied correctly- but it is above _ do you need more info - I know it is alot and quite involved - I have been dealing with these issues pertaining to my daughter since se was in 9th grade of High School - because she was 16 when I found out details - the Law has prevented me from protecting my own child that I fear is damaged by this 'Tony' and I may never have the same rappor with my daughter again. Sound like a Patty Hearst Issue?! I have saved loads of documents to show what has occurred over the years. Thanks for reading and looking forward to help.
Expert:  Ely replied 8 years ago.
I am going to opt out and get someone else to help you.