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my father had child support and my mom lyed abut his income

Resolved Question:

my father had child support and my mom lyed abut his income and he was put on an amount he couldn't pay he ended up homeless lost his job and had to file bankrupcy to top it off he was hospitalized and couldn't pay his medical bills he ended up moving overseas with his parents this all happened 2002 2003 now a few years later i'm getting married and i want him to come give me away how do i find out if there are any warrants or airport detention orders or anything like that his only coming for the one weekend of my wedding and i wouldn't want him to get in trouble we are all older now the youngest kid is 20 and doesnt go to school he also lived with my dad for sometime so the child support shouldn't count for that time but how does it work if my mom hasn't request it and he hasn't payd it is it considered abandoned cuz its been so long is it safe for him to come to my wedding??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  John Domestic replied 8 years ago.

You should check with the County where the child support order was issued. Your mom or child support enforcement would have had to file a motion to hold your father in contempt in that County for failure to pay the child support. If a contempt order was issued there was likely a warrent for his arrest issued as well. You could determine if a warrent for his arrest was issued with the Sheriff in the same county.


Otherwise his return is unlikely to result in your father facing criminal charges unless he was served and required to face Civil contempt charges filed by your mother while he was here. Your mother could still likely bring a Civil contempt motion because there would not be a time limit on the order of the court.

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