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I recently changed Daycare Providers for my 18 mth old son

Customer Question

I recently changed Daycare Providers for my 18 mth old son and he is in a transition period with the new lady and children and routine.
The birth father has lost his job and is currently only working p/t and wants to pick up the child from daycare at 12pm on wednesdays. He is already granted by court order to have this access on fridays. My concern is that it is disruptive to the daycare and the children there having a parent come by during care-giving hours more than once a week. Also the father is not displaying the best parenting capabilities and has begun returning him home to me early (again) but will not talk to me. He has become beligerant and angry towards me again and I do not respond, only with positive information about our child.
I am wondering if I should try to work out additional time for him or keep the court order as is and have us return to court? I cannot seem to co-parent with this guy.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



you do not need to do anything other than the court order directs. you can tell him you need to follow the order or he needs to go back to court to have it changed - also, if you do not want him picking up the child then make sure your daycare provider has a written note that the child should not be released to him under any circumstances, if that is what you prefer. as long as you are upholding the court order and allowing him the Friday visit, you're good


currently, your life and that of your childs is good, right? so what ever concerns he is having with the Friday visits are his problem and he will need to take the matter to court to have it changed. you only need to follow the order as it is written.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you.

I am trying to work with this guy in seeing his son more but feel it is only because he (the father) now has too much time on his hands. I do not want to come across as being unreasonable and have even offered the father to pick up the child from daycare at 11am (instead of 12pm) as he was falling asleep in his car and then had difficulty getting him back to sleep. So this way, he would feed him lunch and then put him down for a nap but he has not responded.So I do not feel that he wants the obligation of feeding him but than again I am not too sure as he will not communicate with me (only nasty emails).

Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



well, you will do what is best for your child, i am sure. and your out is always that you need to follow the court order -

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks again. That is what he is always saying to me and I didn't want to use the same statement as him. BUT yes, I do want what is best for my son and I think it would be too disruptive.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



i understand. and it would be disruptive. you also can ask the daycare provider to back you up on that. dont hestitate to use the court order in your child's favor.