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My brothers wife (a convicted felon in Florida) has been trying

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My brother's wife (a convicted felon in Florida) has been trying to score Heroin (she was soliciting the guests at my daughter's wedding)!   What chance do my husband and I have of getting the 3 remainning children who are under 18 out of Florida & living with us to provide some kind of stable home atmosphere? They have already thrown the oldest girl out when she turned 18. I think this is a reprehensible way to treat your own children!
If you have any evidence and/or witnesses of her behavior, you have a great chance of getting custody. It takes a material change to validate a change of custody - these are things like a parent being charged/convicted of a crime (drug charges would definitely suffice), losing a job, re-marriage, etc.

Your best bet is to file a petition to modify custody and have proof/witnesses to testify about the mother's condition.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I would like to review this information with my husband before finalizing (in case he has any questions to raise that I failed to consider). Thanks
<p>The question is open until you close it - regardless of when you pay. </p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get back online! The person who she solicited was drinking at the time. A) Would that matter, and B) would he have to testify in person, or would some kind of Notarized Affadavit be acceptable. Thanks for your patience, I fully intend to pay as soon as we can clarify these points.
A) The person can testify even though possibly impaired. However, the other party can use this to discredit the testimony.

B) He could testify in person or give a deposition - an affidavit is not acceptable in court.
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