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I want to know if in the State of Missouri if it is possible

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I want to know if in the State of Missouri if it is possible to disagree with a child support modification request If there is evidence and it can be proved that the non-custodial parents financial situation is a result of his own actions? My ex did not work from 2003-2006and did not pay child support. When I spoke with him yesterday he told me that he did work side jobs making good money during that time. He told me that he was working alot of jobs that paid at least $1000 per job sometimes more, but yet never paid a dime to child support. The job he got in 2006 because he got back with his wife and he had it for 1 year but never contacted child support enforcement they tracked him down. I received two payments then he quit his job because him and his wife got into an argument and moved 40 miles away to Illinois. I have heard in some situations a judge will look deeper to see why a person is in the situation they are in. Like layoffs, fired, working for cash etc.
Thanks for your question. Sure you can contest here and you will get better results here with a private lawyer. The court will look at the facts that you mention here. If you are owed arrears then the court will find him in contempt and may jail and fine here until he pays.

You certainly have remedies for the arrears and to also keep it at current level here. The facts that you set out are good ones to argue for such. I would encourage you to seek out a lawyer and get after him here.

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