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soloprac, Family Law Attorney
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Our daughter in law and son were living at her fathers home.

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Our daughter in law and son were living at her fathers home. They were both smoking meth and have a 5 month old daughter who was in the house at the time they were doing meth. DHS has stepped in and our granddaughter is residing with her maternal grandfather in the house the meth was used. Our son is in rehab and has not been able to attend any court hearings. Woukld it be wise for him to call the maternal grandfather to check on his daughter? The mother has been given visitation rights. And we are also working on getting visitations as paternal grand parents. What to do?
DearCustomer <br /><br />Yes, absolutely - he should call to see how she is doing. Just because he is in rehab does not mean he has to forget about his daughter or abandon her interests and concern for her well being. All of you need to work together to show that if the biological parents are not in a place right now for the child to be returned to them that you, as grandparents, are also an available resource for the child in addition to the maternal grandfather. <br /><br />Best of luck. <br /><br />Sincerely, <br /><br />soloprac

Just saw your optional info. He absolutely has custodial rights to his daughter that need to be addressed.
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