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Do I have a legitmiate Alienation of Affection (I live in Utah)

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Do I have a legitmiate Alienation of Affection (I live in Utah) case against my ex-wife's boyfriend since they have continued their relationship through our 16 years of marriage? I have physical proof that they were secretly seeing each other and once we were divorced (6 months ago) they openly hooked up and are planning on getting married. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your question. Yes you have two grounds here. Utah still reocognizes alienation of affection. Addtionally Intentional infliction of emotional distress may be possible here as well.

To bring a successful IIED claim, the party suing must prove four elements:

  • Conduct that is intentional or reckless
  • Conduct that is extreme and outrageous
  • The wrongful conduct caused the emotional distress
  • Severe emotional distress

You will need a lawyer here to send demand letter and file suit. They have allowed such claims in excess of $500,000 in certain cases so please check into this and pursue it.

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