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Our High School Principal sent home a Senior Contract for this

Customer Question

Our High School Principal sent home a Senior Contract for this years graduation stating that the students would not receive their diplomas or official transcripts if they did not abide by petty little rules they have made regarding the graduation ceremony. No decorating of hats, silly string, etc. All class dues have to be paid (what happened to the guarantee of free education) They must dress according to their specific rules. My question is can they legally withhold the diploma and official transcripts? My daughter has been accepted to a Baylor and could lose thousands of dollars in scholarship and aid should they do this over petty things.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your question. They can try here to enforce the contract. I agree with you that this is petty. But they may well mean business here if there are violations. To me it would have to be a major violation and I can see a lawsuit if they try to enforce it. I don't think that honestly they can withhold a diploma here.

I would like to see how this would turn out legally. My wife is a school district employee. How I think they deal with this is they may graduate someone but not let them attend the ceremony. I know of cases like that where the kid got in trouble right at the end before graduation.

But I definitely would remind your child to be on their toes here at the end of school. It is petty but man I can tell you from experience that school is about two weeks too long and this is the most dangerous time. The kids are bored, the teachers are fried, and fights and other petty stuff happens every year at the end.

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