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Is it possible to request a new caseworker I pay child support

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Is it possible to request a new caseworker? I pay child support and the woman assigned to my case is rude and discorteous every time I commnuicate with her. In Madison County Ohio is there some way to get a liason between the two of us or file a greivance of some kind? I spoke with her supervisor and stated that she sends me letters saying that she has tried to contact me when she has not, she fails to answer my voicemail messages, when I ask for someone else that might help me the operator/secretary person is rude and will not put me through to someone else. Today was unusually bad, the operator told me it wasn't her problem if the caseworker wasn't responding to her voicemail and again did not transfer me and when the caseworker called she was again rude. I told her that my support was paid in full and she said "Oh really..." I said that is what the automated system says. She was rude and discouteous again. Am I stuck with this behaviour?
Thanks for your question. Yes move up the food chain here. Deal only with the supervisor. Never hesitate to complain here. In government everybody has a boss. You have the right idea keep moving up here until you get the kind of service that you deserve.

I am so sorry that you were treated this way. People that work for state agencies should never forget that you are one of their clients and should be treated respectfully XXXXX XXXXX with dignity. Keep talking to the supervisor here. I wish you good luck resolving this..


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