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Rose Zapor
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My mother got temporary grandparent access in 2005 while I

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My mother got temporary grandparent access in 2005 while I was in hospital, and has threatened me since that if I tried to get my child back she would call cps. I want to get my child back, and all I found at the court house were papers for the access, no court orders. I tried to get probono help here and they say I make too much even though I'm on disability. Do I have to go to court to get my child, or did I ever lost my custody in the first place.
Dear Sandie:
I am sorry for your problem. If all that the court has ordered is access, then you have custody of your child. HOwever, if you just go and take the child without court orders, rest assured that your mother will be on the court house steps first thing in the morning. I would contact the local bar association to see if there is a lawyer who take your case on a "low pay/slow pay" basis. ONce you have found such a lawyer, then have that person guide you to get your child back and court orders that allow you to keep the child. You might also try having the court enter a Temporary Restraining ORder based upon the fact that you have custody and your mother threatens to keep the child from you.

Good Luck,


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