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My ex-wife and I were divorced in Arkansas in 1997. We owned

Resolved Question:

My ex-wife and I were divorced in Arkansas in 1997. We owned jointly several acres of mineral rights. In the divorce, I gave her "all the mineral rights in the state of Arkansas". She did not seek a quitclaim deed for these mineral rights for 10 years, even though I repeatedly ask her to do this every year or so. In 2006 she finally requested a quitclaim deed. I gave it to her. In 2008, I found a Quit claim deed for a few acres of mineral rights in my name only. The grantors released and relinguished all rights of dower, curtesy and homestead for these mineral rights in MY name only. My question is, is there a statue of limitations on this wording on a divorce decree and does my ex-wife have any claim to the mineral rights that are in my name only?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  lwpat replied 8 years ago.
Was the deed you have found prior to the divorce in 1997 or after? If it was before, then the deed you gave her controls. If it was after, then she has no claim. There is no statute of limitations. Has the quit claim deed you found been recorded?
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