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A.D. Barnett
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Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Attorney since 1994, experienced Divorce Attorney, Child's Attorney, Adoption, Guardian ad Litem
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We have court ordered visitation with our grandchildren. The

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We have court ordered visitation with our grandchildren. The mother moved 405 miles away while we were waiting for the Judges decision. She is not willing to cut the travel time for us and makes it difficult for us to have any visitation time. What can we do? If we ever get the grandkids and can't get them back what will happen?
Good morning. I believe I can help you.

You are fortunate that the Judge ordered visitation. Not too long ago, that would have been extremely rare, but courts are getting more leeway to recognize the value of grandparents in a child's life.

Now that she has removed herself from the jurisdiction, you have another issue for the judge to decide: Who is responsible for transportation of the child to and from visitation? This is a big question not only financially, but from a practical standpoint.

If you don't have an attorney, you need to get one. She could have relocated to try and have another court modify the action in another State using the UCCJA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act). You also need to have an attorney argue that since she removed herself from the jurisdiction, she should be responsible for any and all transportation to and from visitation. That way, you wouldn't have to worry about getting the kids back.

Mom created this situation. Demand that the courts make this mom's problem. Let the judge know she is being uncooperative with visitation thus far. If she continues, ask your attorney to pursue a contempt citation against her.

In short, there are many different issues taking place here, and you need an experienced local attorney to guide you and make sure your rights are protected. These are issues I would present to him/her to make sure you get where you want to be.

Best of luck to you and your grandkids! If I helped, please click "accept." Thanks!
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