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My sons girlfriend is pregnant. She turns 18 in june. He turns

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My son's girlfriend is pregnant. She turns 18 in june. He turns 18 in july. Her parents, who encouraged the relationship against our wishes, and who agree that the sexual relationship evolved in their house, are now locking her up. The parents say she cannot see the father of her child and they basically lock her up. I had to involve the school counselor to have her do a pregnancy test at a doctors office but they cancelled the appointment the doctor set up for an ultrasound because they said she has better things to do. They both will be 18 before the baby comes. These young people are not allowed to talk and discuss what they should do. Can they lock her up against her will, put all this stress on her, not allow her to communicate with the father of her child who has no criminal past? Is the excess stress and the refusal to give her adequate medical care, while my son wants to pay for it and I offered to take her to a doctor, child abuse.



If she is under 18, they can prevent her from seeing your son, and control her in many other ways. However, they cannot keep her from getting proper medical care, or it should be reported to Social Services. Whether it is definitely child abuse is up to the authorities.


Hopefully, these young people will soon be able to make their plans without any further interference. These people will be so sorry if they are ruining their chances with their future grandchild.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How soon can he declare paternity? Can he do it before the baby is born?



Your son cannot sign a Declaration of Paternity until after the child is born. Forms will be available at the hospital. Here are some FAQ's which provide a lot of information:


Utah Paternity FAQs

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