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AttorneyKaren, Family Law Attorney
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Over 14 years as a Family Law Attorney; Temporary Judge Award (2008)
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I work for myself as a real estate abstractor. Two clients

Customer Question

I work for myself as a real estate abstractor. Two clients of mine equal 80-plus percent of my business. One client had a division of there's go bankrupt and the other one was sold to another company. I've gone from 30-40 orders a month ($ 50 an order) a couple of years ago to 3 this month. The other client, just a week ago, with no notice, like is typical in the industry, sent all their work to a vending management company. I'm trying my best to see if I can get signed up and get some of that work back. Question -- I filed for divorce in 2003 and ever since it's been one attack after another, leading to $ 10 K in debt. I hate to ask for a reduction in child support as I know the reaction it's going to cause (you wouldn't believe it if I shared) and I can't afford a $ 1,500 charge. What options could I have to get help until I can find new work? I've always paid full support plus more when I had it. I know I'm going to get emotionally, parentally and legally assaulted for this need.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  AttorneyKaren replied 8 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your question.
I have included a variety of links that will have the documents that you will need to file for your child support modification. The first link deals with the cover sheet motion for your county:
The second link deals with a more in depth discussion of the forms and the different steps involved in the modification process--please note that this is not for your county--so use the form for your county and the generic form that can be used in any Kansas county--

I have also included On-line Forms for Child Support Calculations

Child Support Calculator Estimator Worksheet
from Kansas Child Support Guidelines
See below: On-line Child Support Calculator Estimators

Child Support Calculator Worksheet in HTML
Child Support Calculator Worksheet in WordPerfect
Child Support Calculator Worksheet in Rich Text Format
Child Support Calculator Worksheet in pdf

Child Support Schedules
Kansas Child Support Guidelines contains child support schedules for one child families, two child families, three child families, four child families, five child families and six child families. See below: On-line Child Support Calculator Estimators

Domestic Relations Affidavit –Kansas Child Support Guidelines
Affidavit in HTML
Affidavit in WordPerfect
Affidavit in Rich Text Format
Affidavit in pdf

I hope these documents and information will help you to modify your child support payments during the change in your financial situation. You are entitled to a modification while there has been a financial change, especially one that is beyond your control.
Best wishes with this modification--if your ex brings up irrelevant issues to distract from the real issue that there has been a change in your financial situation, I would point out to the court that you are only there to address this financial situation that has a bearing on your child support payments.
Yours truly,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you Karen, very much, for all the links. Please let me take a look at them today and then I will hit "accept" and see that you are paid.

And I apologize for the typo in the second sentence of my question. Late night and I didn't proofread so it probably made me look like a dunce.

Will get back in touch later.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Expert:  AttorneyKaren replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Michael,
Please let me know if you have any questions after you look at the links.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Karen,

I did have a chance to get as far as the motion to file pro se and the child support calculators. One link is no longer working but another did.

Last question...I don't believe the mother of my girls pays any daycare expense so what if I put zero? And if she does pay it, it's because she keeps the children from me on the two evenings a week that she works a second job, when I've offered to watch the girls for 5 years. It's not a responsibility factor as she's never complained about that, it's her disgust for me personally. So what do attorneys do when calculating the daycare and other party's income? I can only guess, approximately, what she earns.

Thank you,

Expert:  AttorneyKaren replied 8 years ago.
Hi Michael,
Sorry about the inoperative link--
Re. your ex's income: Yes, we use our best estimate regarding the other party's income, and I would bring up this point that if there is daycare it is because it is on the days that are supposed to be your time with the children, and further, you are ready, willing and available to take care of your children then.
The court will make both parties present their financial information to the court for the modification, but if she fails to do so, you can always subpoena that information from her employer.
AttorneyKaren and 6 other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You've been very kind and helpful, even when I was "bleeding" from past pain. So thanks for reading through that and still being courteous.

I can't take another legal fight right now so I'm going to try to scrape together funds somehow this month but will look to do what I can to find, at least, temporary relief, come March.

Thanks again Karen. Very pleased. I'll write up a great review for you. Not too many attorneys over the last 5 years have been courteous. I only assume I'm a schmuck and a liar. You have been professional and kind.

Expert:  AttorneyKaren replied 8 years ago.
Hello Michael,
Us attorneys need to realize the situations, especially in family law, that our clients are facing and treat them kindly and with respect. I try to treat each person with the respect that I would only hope to receive if I too were in this situtation.
It does sound like you have a strong case--don't give up--
Best wishes for a successful outcome.
Yours truly,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you.

I'll follow the information in the links and hope that I put everything together to the court's satisfaction and hopefully they understand that at $ 10 K in legal debt I just couldn't afford to pay another $ 1,500 to have this professionally done.

You have a blessed week, Karen