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In MN, child support owed to county and maternity mother.

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In MN, child support owed to county and maternity mother. Mother claimed over 10 years child was deceased. Paternity not sure, but most likely is child. Have back child support to pay. Want to pay county off. Can mother relinquish money owed to her via child support? I would like to have mother, now married, to relinquish support owed to her and send directly to now almost adult child.(she could agree in a contract) Is she in a situation where she "can" relinquish the child support owed to her? Money owed to county will have to paid. Money owed to now married mother is unknown. Can she go to the courts or some other venue and have the back child support forgiven?

Hi and thanks for your question.


In terms of the back support monies owed to the county or state, mother cannot waive these amounts. Mother is permitted to waive the back support that is owed to her and she could send it directly to almost adult child; however, if mother does not agree to do this, the court would likely not order that she have to send money to the child. The parties can sign an agreement and file it with the court re: child support.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you very much for the reply. It's simple, direct and to the point. Just what I was looking for!


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX thank you!



You're welcome - I am so glad to be able to help. Happy New Year!