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I want to send a letter to my judge exparte because my lawyer

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I want to send a letter to my judge exparte' because my lawyer has not responded to my calls for weeks, and has not obtained a court date for over 6 months. It is regarding my ex being in contempt on many issues and back medical bills over 30K. I have no more money for new lawyers. (Spent 15k in last 2 years. is sending a letter exparte' a bad idea?

Hello momof3specialkids,


Sending a letter to the judge is a bad idea. His or her obligation will be to send copies of the letter to all concerned. That means that your spouse and his lawyer will get a copy of your letter telling, basically, that you are in a desparate situation. You don't want that.


1. Write a letter to your attorney and send it certified. You should not rely on phone calls. Give him or her 10 days to get a court date set, or whatever you are requesting.

Explain that you are going to file a complaint with the State Bar Association.


2. If you do not get results, immediately file a written complaint with the Bar Association.


You should be able to get a new attorney because in most cases, if he is found in contempt he will have to pay your attorney's fees anyway.


Good luck.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much. I have held this letter for two weeks, and unsure if i should send it or not. I will email my lawyer tonight. Thanks again. Rachel

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