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I am representing myself Pro Se. However, I cannot get my

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I am representing myself Pro Se. However, I cannot get my ex's lawyer to respond to any of my correspondences. We have a pre-trial conference scheduled and we are required to meet prior to the conference. I also requested the lawyer to ask his client to fulfill Request for Production. How do I get the lawyer to respond to me as he did for my past lawyer?

Thanks for your question. Make sure that your other lawyer has officially withdrawn. Once it is clear that you are on your own here, pro se then he should communicate with you in this matter. He has that obligation , he just has to be careful not to talk to you if it isn't clear that your lawyer is off the case.


Because if you are represented it is unethical here to talk to someone's client. But if ther has been a withdrawal no reason for him not to talk to you here. The court will require him to comply with your requests in the matter. You would file a motion to compel here to force the issue. I wish you good luck here

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What would I call this motion?

The lawyer shoudl have filed a motion to dismiss. You can just do a letter here to the court advsing that you now represent yourself pro se and copy the other lawyer. Then he would be free to talk to you here. It's a catch 22 the lawyer isn't ignoring he just can't talk to you unitl you've notified the court you're on your own pro se.


It's an ethics issue to talk to someone's client so this will cure here. I wish you good luck. If you don't get the discovery then it is Petitioner or Respondent's Motion to Compel here. You would just be alleging that the other side hasn't complied with your discovery requests..


Here's a fill in the blank motion to compel here that you might use for form..

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a notice of appearance already filed with the court. When we were in court the last time he knew I was pro se because we went into mediation together. Since that date I have sought no private counsel. So, what I need to know, is there a motion or a Rule of Procedure I can quote to the other lawyer to show him I mean business and that he is required to correspond with me on my various requests? The judge instructed us to try and work things out before coming to court. I sent a possible solution to my ex's lawyer and received no response. Discovery was not complete, so I sent another request that it be completed or a reason for why it wasn't. Lastly, I challenged the validity of some of the things produced in discovery and asked the lawyer to clarify these with his client and still no response.
No need for a rule her. If you appeared pro se he has to deal with you. Ask in your letters here for a response or state that you will have to consider filing for sanctions because he has not responded to your requests.

Make sure you have certified mail receipts addressed here to lawyer to show proof of service.Proof of service would be critical if you file a motion to compel or for sanctions here for failure to respond.. .
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