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The temporary hearing gave our 2 children to me as the custodial

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The temporary hearing gave our 2 children to me as the custodial parent (father). My wife is to pay child support, provide health insurance and not to have her boyfriend spend the night when the children are there (from midnight to 7 am). She fired her lawyer, quite her job, has not paid any child support nor health insurance, moved in with her boyfriend who pays the rent. They tell me he has another place and leaves when the children are there but I certainly know better. My son saw them in bed together. My attorney is not moving forward with this divorce. My wife says the temporaray orders mean nothing to her. She says she is in nursing school and this is why she quite her job. She has been in nursing school for 8 years, flunked out twice and now is 'back in'. I could go on about her. I have not denied her visitation. The children love her but they love me too. What can I do?


Thank you for your information.

You may want to consider a contempt action to compel your ex to adhere to the court order.

You can file on your own.

Your attorney is correct in that the judge won't be happy.

When someone violates the court orders they are considered to be in contempt of court. To enforce your rights you will need to file a motion for contempt. In that motion you indicate what the orders are and how she has violated them.

In general you can get these forms at your local court clerk's office where the orders were filed. You will need to complete the forms and return it to the Clerk of the Court's office.

I hope that I have fully answered your question and the answer was helpful to you.


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