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I live in Florida and have 3 children with my ex-wife. My ex

Customer Question

I live in Florida and have 3 children with my ex-wife. My ex refuses to work more than 20 hours per week even though she has a Bachelor's Degree and all the kids are in school. The two youngest live with her, and the oldest moved in with me over a year ago. My ex and I have agreed to reduce child support to a number we both think is fair. We have agreed on the amount, and she signed (and had notarized) the agreement. What else do I need to do to file for this modification?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
You actually need to have the agreement incorporated into a court order. File a petition for modification of support with your family court seeking a downward modification. State that you have an agreement and the reason for the downward modification is because one of the children live with you. Attach a copy of the agreement and hopefully the court will send you an order saying the same thing your agreement states. Some judges wish to have the parties appear in court to make sure no one's lying before issuing the order.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I know that I have to file the thing. My question is what forms I need to file with it. I have a letter that is in the format of the Modification Agreeement form. Is the letter going to be acceptable, and what other forms are necessary? The case is in Orange County, Florida.
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
Yes you need a Petition Form which you can obtain from the court clerk. The Petition is the form that actually starts the process and asks the Judge to consider your agreement. The letter would have to be notarized or under seal to be accepted by the Judge. If you attach a non-notarized or unsealed letter most likely the Judge will ask for a personal appearance to make sure both you and the father are in agreement and ask that you state that agreement under oath in court.
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