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What forms do I need for Dissolusion of marriage,in agreement

Resolved Question:

What forms do I need for Dissolusion of marriage,in agreement of everything,no kids?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  InformationForYou replied 8 years ago.

The spouse filing for the dissolution must have been a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months and a resident of the county for at least 90 days immediately prior to filing. [Ohio Revised Code Annotated; Section 3105.03 and Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 3].

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The grounds for a no-fault divorce in Ohio are: 1) incompatibility; or 2) living separate and apart without cohabitation and without interruption 'for one year. [Ohio Revised Code Annotated; Section 3105.01].

Both spouses may jointly file a petition for dissolution of marriage. The petition must: 1) be signed by both spouses; 2) have attached to it a separation agreement which provides for a) division of property, b) alimony (including the authorization of the court to modify any alimony terms), and c) custody, visitation, and child support, if there are any minor children. Between 30 and 90 days after filing such a petition, both spouses must appear in court and state under oath that he or she: 1) voluntarily signed the agreement; 2) is satisfied with the agreement; and 3) seeks dissolution of the marriage. In addition, marital settlement agreements are also authorized by statute and may be used in a divorce proceeding. There may be local court rules which apply to divorce proceedings for Ohio. [Ohio Revised Code Annotated; Sections 3105.03, 3105.10, 3105.61 - 65].


  1. Use these exact words, all in capital letters: IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF COUNTY, OHIO
  2. Use these exact words, all in capital letters: PETITION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
  3. Use the word "Petitioner'. Be sure the "P" is capitalized.
  4. Use the word "Co- Petitioner". Be sure the "C" and "P" are always capitalized.
  5. Use these exact words: DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE. Be sure to use capital letters only when placed as the title of your final document.
  6. Use the word "County" here.
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