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me and my husband got married in march 08 we have seperated

Resolved Question:

me and my husband got married in march 08 we have seperated 4 times total. we have been seperated since july 16th. i put him out and we are expecting achild. i moved from living with a roommate to get married now i can't afford to pay my bills. we plan on getting a divorce. am i eligible for allimony or spousal support until i file for child support.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  InformationForYou replied 8 years ago.

When determining the amount and duration of support, the court will consider the factors I've listed below. Since you've had such a very short marriage, there would likely have to be a real reason for the court to award you spousal support (i.e. if you're disabled or were laid off) and if the court does award it, then it would likely be awarded for a very brief period of time (just pending the final divorce hearing).


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Factors the court considers in determining whether to award spousal support and the amount thereof in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: A.The earning potential and earning capacities of the parties. B.The ages and health condition of the parties. C.The income of the parties. D.The expectancies and inheritances of the parties. E.The length of the marriage. F.The contribution by one party to the earning capacity of the other. G.The extent to which the earning power, expenses or financial obligations of a party will be affected by reason of serving as the custodian of a minor child. H.The standard of living of the parties established while married. I.The relative education of the parties and the time necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the party seeking alimony to find appropriate employment. J.The relative assets and liabilities of the parties. K.Any pre-marital property. L.The contribution of a spouse as homemaker. M.The relative needs of the parties. N. Any marital misconduct or fault O.Tax consequences P.Whether the party seeking alimony lacks sufficient property Q.Whether the party seeking alimony is incapable of self-support through appropriate employment. (Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes - Title 23 - Sections: 3701, 3702, 3704, 3706)

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