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how to remove a judge from a case

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my brother has costadel custie of his 9 yr old son and was vidio tapes by a p.i. letting him drive in ny. he field a emergency motion in cout today and it was clear that this judge is predjuse against men and did nothing and has been extremly harrisieng him. we need to remove this judge but has to be done if we make a move if not this judge will forever hold this against im and will eventuly take away his cust. of the child. we are at a lost and dont know what to do. there has to be a way to hve another judge here this and any other complaints without predjuse thank you for any help you may have

You can file a Request to Remove the Judge from your case based on prejudice or bias. However, I should note that this is a very hard Motion to have granted unless the Judge consents. It will be very hard to remove a Judge from a case but it can be done, if you cite all the various facts you have to support the request, clearly and concisely.


Many people go before Judge's and wish they had a different Judge, and a lot of times the Judge's don't like the defendants or plaintiff's or it appears that way anyway. If the Judge does remove the child from his custody without the law behind him, then you can always file an appeal of the Judge's ruling.


You should seek legal counsel regarding your custody issue if at all possible.

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