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Is there a form where I can amend the child custody

Resolved Question:

Is there a form where I can amend the child custody agreement filed in court if all parties are in agreement?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  legaleagle replied 9 years ago.

There is no required form. You just draft a document titled "Agreed Motion to Modify Custody of a Minor" The heading of the document should be exactly as the heading of the original order establishing custody, ie the cause no of the case, the names of the parties, and the name of the court. Then you just draft the body of the motion, for ex:

X and Y are now in agreement and bring the motion to modify the custody of Z (name of child or children). The original order dated (date order was signed) granted custody to X with visitation rights to Y (or whatever the order says). X and Y now agree that to serve the best interest of the child the order should be modified to reflect (state what custody arrangement you are now wanting). X and Y pray that the court find that the modification is in the best interest of the child and issue an order in accordance with this motion.

Then you both sign it and date it in front of a notary and file with the court. The court will either just isse the order or set it for a short hearing to make sure you are both wanting this change and then issue the order.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Are yousure this will work inthe state of North Carolina?
Expert:  legaleagle replied 9 years ago.

Yes. It is a standard practice to modify agreements with new agreements in this manner.

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