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Can a convicted felon adopt a child in the state

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Can a convicted felon adopt a child in the state of Ohio as long as its not a child related felony?
Thanks for your question. A convicted felon here would not be prohiibited from adopting a child in this situation. The court might look at the offense and decide if it is in the best interest of the child to allow the adoption. Obviously a felony may be a factor or something the court looks at. But it is not an automatic bar here by any means . I wish you good luck with the adoption..
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RayAnswers's Post: I guesss what im really wanting to know is how heavy of a bearing would a felonious assault charge from 2003 weigh in on an adoption decision? Im not the felon...he is.
I would not say that that is a relatively burden. It is a violent crime. It has been at least five years so the court would look at where he has been and what has he done in that time. If he worked, went to church, and did good deeds maybe this is not that big a deal.

On the other hand if he has been unemployed, had other issues the court may hesitate here. If this is an uncontested adoption that would also be a lesser concern here. If people are contesting then it might be a different story. I hope that this gives you some sense here of how it factors in....
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