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Husband contractor oversees and retired active duty

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Husband contractor oversees and retired active duty military. We do not have any children together. I did not have access to our home nor any of his assets. I filed for divorce 2 years ago and now in court Chesterfield VA. My question is my lawyer has asked for 40 and he agreed 60K. We have been to court and all I have to do is sign the deed to the house and he signs the title to my car to me and I have to have a witness deposition stating we have not lived together in 6 months or better. I think I am getting a raw deal considering he has his military retirement and other assets to include a 100K pay check a year. In court he claimed he did not have the money and the judge quoted VA law of a standard for compensation. I think I am getting shafted

Thanks for your question. It would be hard here to second guess your lawyer here. He has access to the guy's total financial picture. If however you are uncomfortable with this the way it is you can decline here. From the facts you present I think he probably has more than he appears to have in court.

You are really at a crossroads here. He may have more assets but how much are you willing to spend in time and money to pursuit here. Some of what you are entitled to here would be based on what he had before mariage and how long you were married. Generally a marriage of ten years or more gets you spousal support. Also you interest in retirement and marital assets are based on the length of the marriage.

I wouldn't say that this is a bad offer on a five year or less marriage. If it has been a ten or fifteen year one I think this is seriously undervalued. I assume that your lawyer has factored all of this in.

My gut feeling here is that he's come up once already. I would ask for more. I think he'll come up more. I think your instinct overall is that he has more and that he wants to settle and he will pay. Ask for some more here and see what he counters with through your lawyer. You'll never know unless you ask. This may require some more legal time and money but it might be worth it here as you feel it's not enough. I wish you good luck here..

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks much. It was a 17 year marriage and the lawyer asked for 40 and after the 1st court appearance he went to 60 including signing the deed over for the house. I know the market is bad and the lawyer claims this is as good as it is going to get. He did not appreciate the judges ruling that he did not have more money to give me so that is why I was uncomfortable. I do think you are very good with your facts and the little info you had. I wish I had you sooner
This guy has stuff stashed here. Whether you can locate it is another. That is along marriage. That is the kind that qualifies for spousal support in most situations as well as pension division. I wish you luck here. Have some patience, maybe he comes up more here..