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Is ther a family act law to help me

Resolved Question:

On may 16 2008 I recieved a phone call at work that my parents were in a head on collison while vacationing in california.My step father was killed and my mother was vritically injured.I flew out that day.On may 18th my mother was out on a ventalator.I spoke to the director of my employment on May 22.I explained the ordeal to her.I requested a leave of abscence for I left on a sudden emergency condition to assist to my parents.I had to care for my step fathers remains and assist to my mother who was on a ventalator.She apologized but also stated I had not been there a year (I was there 9 months) ,I needed to return to work or she could no longer hold my position.Under pressure I was feeling already I did not know what to do.The director explained she wrote a explanantion stating I left due to a family emergency and would be eligible for rehire,unable to think clearly at that time I did as she said.I finally returned the second week of July from CA I filed for unemployment and denied
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 8 years ago.
You can request an appeal hearing from the unemployment office. That's about it, though. You have no claim against your old employer, because you did not satisfy the minimum requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act.
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