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Hello. I do hope this is the right place for this ...

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Hello. I do hope this is the right place for this question. I just graduated from high school in May, and turned 18 in June 2008, and hopefully will go to college this fall. The problem is that dad remarried, and although I have am a fairly good kid, he no longer wants me in his house, even though I do not have a regular job. I am currently babysitting this summer, but will not earn enough money to support myself. I was looking forward to attending Longview Community college which is very close to dad''s house where I live in Grandview, MO. Can my dad just throw me and my clothes out of the house at age 18? THanks, CB
Thanks for your question. The short answer here is unfortunately yes. You are considered an adult here. You are basically a guest in his house. He can ask you like any guest to leave.

You live here at his dsicretion once you became an adult. I think it is in your best interest here to see if you can make peace here. You have limited funds and your education is your way to independence. I wish you good luck here and I wish that I had better news..

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RayAnswers's Post: Thank you for the quick response. I guess I will have to find out the details of the divorce, because I was told that dad has to pay for my insurance until I was 21 as long as I was in school. He allowed my 20 yr old brother to stay through this summer until he transfers to the dorm in August. I just thought I would be be doing the same thing going to community college first and getting my undergrad credits. I just didn't know he would throw us out when he got a new wife...

You know I want to add some more here. If you are enrolled in college here he may very well have a duty to support you under Missouri law. Both your father and your mother would share this responsibility here.

He may very well not be able to just kick you to the curb. This might be separate from his ability to ask you to leave his house. He still has the duty to provide for you here if you are enrolled in college. My sympathy to you here...


Child support may be required after the age of majority if the child enrolls in college or vocational school by October 1 following high school graduation, support may continue until age 22 or when his/her education is completed if the child:

  1. Enrolls for and completes at least 12 hours of credit each semester;
  2. Achieves grades sufficient to re-enroll at the institution; and
  3. At the beginning of each semester, submits to each parent a transcript or similar official document provided by the college or vocational school which includes the courses the child is enrolled in and has completed for each term, the grades and credits received and the courses the child is enrolled in for the coming term.
A court may waive the October 1 deadline for enrollment. The twelve-hour requirement may also be waived if a child has a physical or learning disability or a diagnosed health problem that prevents him/her from taking 12 credit hours or a child is working at least
5 hours per week and taking as few as 9 credit hours per semester.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I want to thank you for adding the extra info for support, as it does give a little hope... I wish I had more funds, but as you can tell, I really am limited for the moment. Is there any resources for this research that I can show to my father? Otherwise i can only hope to find some lawyer locally to help IF the college clause is for real. I hope this reply\question makes sense? Thanking you in advance for your consideration and time. CBs.

Remember that your mother could seek support for you here for college if you are going to enroll. She could pay this to you or pay for college tuition, etc...
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you again... You have been most gracious for replying to all of my queries.
You're welcome. I like missouri a lot, it has some pretty country. I have relatives around Jeff City. It's alot like Austin here, a college town with a lot of bars and night life. Take care..