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Please...I am in distress....I had a court case with my ex ...

Resolved Question:

Please...I am in distress....I had a court case with my ex wife of three years. The judge ruled and I owe my wife which is ok. My trial was June 26th. I got a copy of the order which her lawyer put down things that were incorrect from the ruling. I unaccepted the order and went to the court today to file a motion for an emergency court case for the judge for a motion of clearity. I set it up for next tuesday and her lawyer said he couldnt be there. I am supposed to pay my ex a large sum of money within 30 days from the 26th...but the lawyer backdated the order for me having responsibility from June 1. 5 other things in the order were not as the judge ruled. Do I still go to court next tuesday knowing he wont show up? Do I have to pay her without an order filed?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Christian replied 9 years ago.


If you have a hearing on the court's calendar and you've given opposing counsel proper notice, then you definitely should go to your hearing whether or not you think opposing counsel will show up. The judge will handle the problem if they don't show up.

I would speak to opposing counsel about the inconsistencies you found in the order, and see if you can resolve them together. If not, get clarification from the court first before you pay the money owed. If you are really worried about not paying timely, you can place the funds in an escrow account pending resolution of the matter by the court.

Good luck.

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