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How do I file NCGS 49-15 to collect on baby birth bills

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How do I file NCGS 49-15 to collect on baby birth bills? Custody, visitation, collected on NCGS done before but more bills showed up afterwards.

You need to simply file a petition to enforce child support against the father in court. The state NCGS §49-15 says, "after [a judicial] establishment of paternity of an illegitimate child pursuant to G.S. 49-14, the rights, duties, and obligations of the mother and the father so established, with regard to support and custody of the child, shall be the same[.]"

So, you just need to get a court order setting out what the father will pay for - what he owes in past support - and also what he will pay in the future. The clerk in the court has the forms you need. Just go down there, fll them out and file them.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Judge already ordered father to pay an amount on the baby birthing bills. However, these new bills weren't included because I had not received them yet. Do I have to submit for a new order or modify the old one under NCGS 49-15? Or can iI just sue in small claims court?

First read the court's order - did it say all baby birth pills or justi the ones you had at the time?!? If it said "all" of implied that it referrred to all, then you need only to file a complaint for contempt and get the father back in front of the same judge - father will either pay or the judge will put him in jail - go to court house and get complaint for contempt form.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The order only mentions that the father has to pay the amount I submitted at the time. I informed the court all bills were not yet known when I submitted what I had to the judge. The order does not say anything about unknown bills or anything. None of the bills submitted at the time were for the day of the birth and were mostly for monthly checkups etc. How can I now submit these new birth related bills and get the father to pay? Please advise. Thank you.