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does alimony stop if you remarry. I live in Tennessee

Resolved Question:

does alimony stop if you remarry. I live in Tennessee and was awarded 6 years of alimony and am in my third year
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Roger replied 9 years ago.

In Tennessee, the terms of the divorce will specify the conditions that alimony will stop. The obvious reasons for terminating alimony are the death or remarriage of the person receiving the payments. Since many spousal maintenance awards are for a fixed number of years, the lapse of that period of time will cause the termination of the payments.

If the divorce decree does not state that it will terminate if you get remarried, you getting remarried should not end it.

You should look at your divorce decree and see if there are any stipluations or cancelling events for your alimony. If not, you're not in jeopardy of losing it if you get remarried.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Adam Kirk's Post: It states "The wife shall be awarded transitional alimony at the rate of _____ per month for 12 monthe and thereafter at the rate of ____ for another 12 months and thereafter at a rate of ____ for the next 48 months which sum shall be paid to wife beginning on the 1st of each month thereafter until paid in full. It does not state it will stop if remarried but I have been told by one attorney that in Tennessee it does? What is the answer.
Expert:  Roger replied 9 years ago.
I practice in Tennessee, and it is my understanding that the divorce decree must specifically state that the alimony will terminate upon remarriage of the recipient. If it does not state that, I don't think it can be cancelled.
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