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I am the primary parent for my almost 7 year old. Her dad ...

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I am the primary parent for my almost 7 year old. Her dad gets her on Thursdays during the school year. Our decree reads as follows: On Thursdays of each week during the regular school term beginning at the time the child''s school is regularly dismissed and ending at the time the child''s school resumes on Friday. Of course this Thursday is the last day of school and my ex claims she is his that night. I see it as a grey area personally. I would interpret it to mean summer begins the minute school is out and she would not go with him that night. The problem is -he is a bully and an attorney. He also likes to threaten me with various things when things don''t go his way. That night is her rehearsal for her dance recital to make it more complicated. Also, if Thursday is technically his, wouldn''t he have to have her back to me the next morning? Of course Friday night starts his weekend so he say''s that is rediculous. Please help.   I am tired of giving in and being bullied.
If this Thursday is still during the regular school term, summer vacation does not techinically start until Friday. So he can argue that he still gets her on Thursday but should be required to take her to her rehearsal since it is an obligation she has. Then he should return her by Friday morning. Just because he thinks it is rediculous to have to return her on Friday to pick her up for her weekend, does not mean you are required to give in.
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