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Under Arkansas child support laws, am I responsible to ...

Resolved Question:

Under Arkansas child support laws, am I responsible to pay child support when I have my kids during the summer months?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Cowgirl Lawyer replied 9 years ago.

Section 9-12-312 of the Arkansas Code establishes the parameters of child support in Arkansas. There is no provision for staying child support during periods of lengthy visitation. The duty to pay child support is determined by the court order itself. The court order may refer to your marital settlement agreement which also addresses this issue. Generally, the person paying child support pays it 12 months per year, regardless of the visitation schedule. Unless the court allowed the non-custodial parent to stop paying child support during lengthy periods of visitation, which would be reflected in the order, then you are responsible for paying child support during the summer months.

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