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Can I sue an ex- husband for a fraud marriage I was ...

Resolved Question:

Can I sue an ex- husband for a fraud marriage? I was married to a man for only two years. During that marriage he emptied my bank account $51,000.00. Made a deal with his ex wife to pay less child support and he would take the kids every weekend. He left every weekend to play out of state softball???%#@ I had his kids all weekend. He gave me an STD and when I confronted him about the girl his friends told me he was seeing just weeks after our marriage he beat me up and my son who tried to protect me up. I have been divorced for almost two years now. I had to escape with just what we could fit in the car. He lives in a million dollar home, drives a hummer,yet tells the judge he can''t afford to pay me a cent of the $51,000.00 he owes me. He was ordered to sell his house but he won''t budge on the price. He told me after the divorce that he never loved me. That his children did and that he thought I was a good business decision. I lost everything. Can I sue for fraud?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  legaleagle replied 9 years ago.
Yes you can sue him for fraud, but you must do so soon, the statute of limiations is 3 years in Mass. You would sue in Mass since that is were the fraud took place (i assume since that is where he is living, it appears from your question). You also have to weigh the legal costs versus the likelihood of winning and being able to even collect a judgment. You may be better off getting the divorce court to allow you to place a lien on his house so he can't sell unless he pays you first or during a sale of the house and you don't get shafted.
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