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Hi,Hopefully you have some answers for me The minnesota ...

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Hi,Hopefully you have some answers for me? The minnesota laws I need help with? Ihavent worked since may 2007 and collected Umployment until November 2007 when it ran out and was paying child support up tell nov 2007 and nothing since,child suppot hasnt established yet,the divorce is final as of today. I cant find work in the plumbing fieldas of until one opens up,But how does the court figure out what I.ll be paying for support? Do they gobuy my last payment when I was working out of state, or do they decided what I,m doing now or capeable off which was more I was making out of state, the difference was 10 dollars less in mn and I was about 10 dollars more in vegas. If I get a job now do they caluacate the job I have now or my last paystub? As far as work in mn its not that good, I was paying about 550.0 per month How is it determined thats what I want to know? Its kind of goofed up, Plus I was a journeyman Plumber and just got my Masters recentley, if thats right ,Thanks kevin

The court will ask you for you paystubs, tax returns, and for proof of your current income. The court will take it all into consideration and you should make sure all the information is provided so the court can see what you are making now and what you can afford to pay. Here is a calculator that you can complete as much as possible and get a good idea of what the court will order for support.

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