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Rebecca Mason
Rebecca Mason, Divorce Lawyer
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I want full custody of my son with the father having ...

Customer Question

I want full custody of my son with the father having visitation rights but we were never married. I also want to do child support because he hasn''t support the baby the way he is supposed to. i filed for it at the CSO. I was to get an appointment in March now they are telling me i have to wait two more months and im about to get my wages garnished for mine and my son''s medical bills, and i think that he should have to help out with the baby''s bill, is it possible for a lawyer to help me out?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Rebecca Mason replied 9 years ago.

You will want to initiate an action in the courts to set forth a custody arrangement including a visitation schedule. You can also have child support addressed at the same time. Likely, the judge will award you a set amount of child support, plus arrears, ,which is child support that is past due, including his shares of the child's medical bills. You may even want to have this amount garnished from the child's father's paycheck and sent directly to you. I hope this helps.


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