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Four years ago my husbands ex dropped one of his ...

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Four years ago my husbands ex dropped one of his daughters off on our porch with a garbage bag full of her belongings. We took her in and petitioned the courts to drop all child support since the girls were split up and we won. Since that time we have had no contact with the other child- her mothers doing. Now that the child we have raised is to be eighteen in a few months my husbands ex wants child support. What are the laws concerning abandonment and are we in for another battle?


If child support was terminated, there is no way that your husband's ex can collect it now without modifying the previous order which terminated child support. Even if she is seeking child support until the daughter turns 18, she won't be able to collect it if the child is living with you. She may be able to get an order for child support for the daughter that still lives with her, but if the court previously ordered that child support should be terminated, they may choose to leave the previous order unmodified, especially since you supported his older daughter without recovering support from her mother. Whether or not the court will now order support to be paid for the other daughter will be at the court's discretion, but before that can happen the mother will have to file for a child support modification.

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