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in my divorce papers it is stated that i get my children ...

Resolved Question:

in my divorce papers it is stated that i get my children one weekend a month, every other holiday and 6 weeks during the summer. it also states that my ex and i are to meet halfway in picking up and returning our children. on the weekend of picking up my kids i was asked to keep them a week. i said yes but she would have to pick them up monday and i''d get them again tuesday till sunday. it was agreed. a medical emergency came up and i asked to cancel the week. i could still keep them for the weekend. it was agreed. monday came she refused to meet me to pick them up. i told her if she made them stay she had to come all the way to pick them up. she said she would meet me sunday i better be there. i called her all week long and told her i wouldn''t be there. she came to the usual halfway point sunday and when i wasn''t there went home and called the law. the kids are back home now. am i in contempt?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  PAFamily LAwyer replied 9 years ago.
Technically you guys both deviated from the order. So I would say there was a technical, but not a willful contempt. I would make all further changes and agreements in writing.
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