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what do you do when you have to pay one thousand ...

Resolved Question:

what do you do when you have to pay one thousand dollars in allmony and four hundred dollars car payment plus other bills . my son was married for sixteen years to a woman . he raised her two children ,put them to school and college and all these years she didn,t work . he had to work to jobs to do all these things.. she put him down in ront of his friends and family and they did,nthave sex for a year and half. i just talked to him and he don,t have the money to pay all these biil this month he don, have the money to pay any of his bills what can they do to him if he can,t pay thes bills ? will they put him in jail? thank you    S. G
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Leslie D. replied 9 years ago.


I'm sorry about what your son is going through. Unfortunately, things like not having sex or putting your spouse down are irrelevant for purposes of alimony. When the court awards alimony it is usually to provide support for a spouse who did not work for years and has a diminished earning capacity as a result of not working. Your son can challenge or appeal the court's decision, but until and unless the court's order is modified, he will owe the alimony to his ex, and anything he does not pay will accrue as past due alimony. It is also unlikely that your son will be able to get the court to change its decision unless there is a change in circumstances (i.e. if your son's ex gets a good paying job, if your son's earning capacity is diminished, etc.)

If your son doesn't pay the alimony, there is a possibility that he could be put in jail. This usually doesn't happen, but it is possible. The court can also do a number of other things like take away his driver's license, hunting licenses, etc. The alimony can be withheld from his wages if his ex gets a withholding order, it can be taken out of his tax returns, etc. And, the past due alimony will never be able to be discharged.

Is the alimony temporary or permanent? If the alimony is temporary, it will end upon the date set by the court. If the alimony is permanent, it will likely continue until your son's ex remarries or gets a job which pays enough to justify ending or modifying the alimony.

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