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My ex has turned our case to child support enforcement in ...

Resolved Question:

My ex has turned our case to child support enforcement in Ga, I gave a lump sum in 2006 plus have made payment since and do not owe any money. I have documentation of this yet my wages are about to be with held.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.

Thanks for the question. I think you should contact the Georgia Child Support Office and see what they are trying to withhold for. If you have proof that you have paid all of your arrearages they should be willing to work with you on this maater. They are bound to able to look up your case and situation. There are maps/phone numbers of their local offices in Georgia. You should be able to get some answers. You can also e-mail them for some answers in this works better for you..


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
This is one of the letters I sent.
I am writing you today in the hope to find information on the laws and policies that govern DHR Child Support Enforcement. I am also seeking information to what my rights are as a non-custodial parent , whom unmistakably is being harassed by DHR Child Support Enforcement .
On December 31, 2007 Joseph Thompson opened a case with Child Support Enforcement in Douglasville Ga. In doing so he completed and signed a written affidavit   stating   he has not received any child support payments   from September 2006 till present.
Mr. Thompson and I divorced August 1996, child support has always been promptly paid directly to him since. On September 27, 2002 with no regard to our children or the law Mr. Thompson signed a false affidavit he had written which opened a court case that ended on September 05, 2006 modifying our original decree.   The final order that the judge signed was pre paired by Adam Jett, counsel of Mr. Thompson.   This is only relevant if you take the time view reckless wording of the latest order.
Three times I have went to DHS in Douglasville , with canceled checks and   signed receipts from Mr. Thompson totaling   $22,500.00   for child support dating September 2006 till present.
DHR Child Support Enforcement   claims Mr. Thompson has written another letter to DHR stating he has never received any payment since 09/06. So it is now DHR’s finding   that no payment has been made.   EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE SEEN ORIGINAL   DOCUMENTATION OF PROOF AND HAVE MADE COPIES.
I understand there are dead beat   parents out there. But I am NOT one of them. In fact Child support laws changed in 2007 , if I did not feel   obligation to help in the support of my children I would have filled for a modification due to high income of   Mr. Thompson. Instead I have paid my support   in advance and do not owe a payment till July 2010.
I received a letter from DHR intending to suspend my driver license, I have asked for a administrative review which was March 19, 2008. The judge will notify us of the new date since DHR did not feel it necessary for Mr. Thompson to be present .
DHR has sent letters to my employer stating I   am behind on my child support ,   garnishing my wages , written the same letter to the IRS and has taken my refunds, is trying to take my license and has threatened jail time . I am being unjustly harassed with no reason.
I hope you will be able to advise me on your policy and state laws in this matter so it can be resolved immediately!
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.

You will have the opportunity to present your case at an administrative review on your license. I would recommend that you try legal aid or find some legal counsel to represent you in this matter. Obviously you have not been able to convince them in this matter. An attorney could deal with all these issues.

I understand that it is hard to pay for an attorney with your support obligations but they mean business here and the system is mistreating you. Part of this is based on your ex-husband apparently lying about this matter. Without a lawyer to argue your case you are at a tremendous disadvantage and if they suspend your license you would not be able to legally drive.

It appears that you have the necessary records but need a lawyer to set the matter straight. You should insist the ex be at any hearing because he is the one that is lying in this whole scenario. This is not something that is going to be immediately resolved especially without a lawyer. Again I would advise you to borrow funds or however you manage to obtain a lawyer to present your case and records

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