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In florida, how does an infant have to be, for the father ...

Resolved Question:

In florida, how old does an infant have to be, for the father to legally take him for over night visits? In N.J i know they have to be atleast 3 months old.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.

Thanks for your question. I have found no hard and fast rules here, but I think the court would allow these type visits of an infant if they were convinced the parent was responsible and had sufficient resources to deal with an infant overnight.

The court would order such visitation if they find it was in the best interest of the child. to me three months would be ok to start assuming ther are no other unusual medical or other issues and the court was in agreement. Many times the parent just needs to ask the court for an overnight and raise the issue. It'snot unreasonable or unheard of these days. honestly an overnight isn't much longer than some infants spend in daycare on any given day. If you are the "other parent" why not make the request and find out..

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The problem is, my daughter is due to give birth any day, her on and off boyfriend is the father, he says he is taking the baby home every other night weather she likes it or not, he is immature, he is only 19 but also irresponsible, I am looking for a law like the N.J law so I can say its the law you cant take him over night, he has no clue about parenting, she has me and her father with her to help. If I thought he would make a good parent it would be a different story. I am looking out for the baby.
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for more information. No legal standing here for the boyfriend to take babay anywhere. If he wants any rights after the birth he needs to step up and file a paternity action. Otherwise mom makes the rules. He sounds like an irresponsible person and I wouldn't advise her to allow this. He cousl very well disappear with the kid, since no custody order no crime. Keep this in mind here, he currently as no legal rights to see, visit, or have input into the baby..