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my unclethreatened to subpeona bank statements on bank ...

Resolved Question:

my unclethreatened to subpeona bank statements on bank accounts left to me (the granddaughter() by my deceased grandparents. Typically in the state of california is this expensive to do? He says he thinks i was put on for convience( which is not true) my aunt was there when my grandfather said the money was to be mine, is that something hard to prove? Can he easily subpeona theese accounts?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Bill replied 9 years ago.

He can not have your records subpoenaed unless he has filed a suit against you and in the course of that law suit his attorney requests through deposition and discovery a copy of those records and your attorney agrees to supply them. It is very expensive to start a law suit and get to the point that documents are subpoenaed so he must be willing to make a big investment in attorney and court fees if he wants access to these records.

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