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My daughter received a summons for a motion ...

Resolved Question:

My daughter was served papers for a motion hearing from her ex-husband stating he wants to change the custody and child support agreement from joint custody with my daughter, she has primaryphysical placement to sole custody for him with my daughter and her husband paying him support. What does she need for the hearing, they live in WI in Walworth county. He has four pages of lies and fabrications added to this motion. Will she even get to speak in court to respond to the accusations he made in the motion? He threatens her with this every year because his tax refund gets intercepted for child support payments that he is behind on.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Bill replied 9 years ago.

Your daughter needs to get a family law attorney (either the one who handled her divorce or if she does not have any money she needs to go to the local legal aid society) and have them file a counter motion exposing the lies in his complaint. SHe may get to speak at the hearing but most judges want everything in writing and if she doesn't do that she limits her options in court. Also you city opr county might have a child support collction office that has counsel that can help her.

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