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I have been divorced since November 2007. We did a ...

Customer Question

I have been divorced since November 2007. We did a Settlement Agreement .The judge signed. But since that date, my lawyer never kept me informed about what was going on, and made sure that all the parts of the agreement were executed or respected. I think it was her responsability to make sure that all that was requested (papers, proofs, debts ( he had to remove me from a loan he took for his business and still not done it....and the list is long. Here it is a little town and no other lawyer want to help me. But the main thing now is to make sure he does what he committed to do and never did.As I have to ask her to do something about the situation.Could you give me some informations about what I should do? If she have to make enforcement of agreement, how does it work? Do you have an idea about along it will take and if I have to stay all the time during this period in the United States? Because I really need to be with my family in France.Thank you very much.please answer me quickly
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Familylaw Guru replied 9 years ago.

It is not actually your attorney's responsibility to make sure that your ex does what he agreed to. If he hasn't though, what you will need to do is file a notice of contempt with the courts. You need to let your attorney know that your ex did not do as ordered. Your attorney can file a notice of contempt and thus the judge will make him do as he had agreed to do in the settlement agreement.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have not all the answers to my questions. I would prefer to have a really clear idea of what to do. how long the process last? If I have to stay in the USA during that time? ...and the rest. I also have an other question after what you answered. Is it possible to get a phone call with you? or is there other Lawyers I could talk to?   Thanks
I will pay for an extra service.
Expert:  Familylaw Guru replied 9 years ago.

What you can do is actually post another question and I will answer as many as you post. Just put in the header that I am to answer this question.


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