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My 36 yr old daughter in-law was almost 7 mo. pregnet when ...

Customer Question

My 36 yr old daughter in-law was almost 7 mo. pregnet when she Was caught driving with out a lic. whail avoiding the police when she broke probation for letting other adults spoke crak in her apt; She just wants very much to get out and start a new life with her baby and I Know Her natural Grandmother is trying to take full custody from her; (So she''s in violation of her visition rights; also the Babys Mom should be able to see her when shes out in 8 months,) We want to visit Her but we''re in Michigan although we write and send her books. She needs to in a program for moms that what to keep their babies and the Grandma must live her own live! And on to that, Its very odd that The Grandma 39 yr old son still liveds with Mom whos around 80 now.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  RayAnswers replied 9 years ago.
My sympathy for your daughter and her situation. Perhaps your daughter can ask within the prison or jail she is in if there are any programs available for her when she is discharged. You might also call around town and see what you can find. often there are many local resources for people in your daughter's sitaution. Many single mothers need help getting back on their feet. It is my hope that she will try and utilize these and realize that for her child's sake she needs to go down a better road. The grandmother does sound a little strange in some ways but at least by keeping the child while the daughter is in jail she kept the child from living in foster care. You certainly have aright to visit the child and be involved in the bay's life as well. It is the most beautiful thing to watch a baby grow up, they change so fast. AS any rate thanks for the question and I hope this gives you some information int he matter. Good luck and may god bless you all...