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Can my granddaughter come to live in my home

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My son has two children - a son 16 and a daughter 14. Their mother was killed in a car accident when the boy was 3 and the girl was 18 months. My husband and I have taken care of them for about 12 years when so was working, going to school, or out of town. They were with their dad on weekends and whenever he was home. He remarried about 2-3 years ago. The woman has no children of her own. She has emotional problems from being raised by a step-mother whom she hated. She is convinced that my granddaughter needs counseling because she picks at some little bumps on her upper arms!! There are many other issues. The step-mom is emotionally unstable, in my opinion. My son works out of town 2-3 weeks out of four. The children are with this step-mom most of the time. It''s an emotional mess at that home. It almost seems like the children have become her little slaves...especially my granddaughter. She is not their legal guardian. Would I have a chance at getting joint custody??
No as the courts view this as a family reality...........both your son and his new wife do not even have to let you see the kids.........

If you have serious concerns on any of the childrens health care or treatment from her (mother) then report such to the Children and Family to investigate.

But as long as there is a marriage you can not ask for custody of her. There is a husband and wife. If both were killed in an accident then you would have the ability to file for custody. You may wish to discuss this with your son. reply if needed.
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