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my sons ex girl friend is violating a court

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my son''s ex girl friend is violating a court order for visitation and has decided to make up her own schedule. Please advise!

If a court order has been issued stating when visitation will occur and she is violating that, your son needs to file a notice of contempt with the court. He can also at this time, request more visitation and/or a change of custody.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Familylaw Guru's Post: We realize that but the Mongomery court has no paperwork for us to fill out. Is there a generic paperwork to use to file. They won't let us unless we have the paperwork telling us we need to get from a lawyer(which we don't have) or go to the law library! Why is it so hard to do this and so much red tape involved??

There is no generic paperwork to file. Even if an attorney did this for you, he would simply type up the NOTICE OF CONTEMPT document and explain in detail as I have explained for you to do. In a paragraph simply explain what is going on and that the order has been violated. At the bottom, request that a hearing be held, request that she be served at such and such address, and have your son sign and notarize.

That is all there is to this document. Clerk's aren't allowed to give legal help so of course, they are going to tell you to go to an attorney; however, this is all there is to this document. I assure you that you can do this yourself.



Don't forget to ACCEPT so that I may be compensated for my time.

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